Hey there! My name is Stefania (pronounced Stef-anya, before you ask!) and this is my blog.  I am currently undergoing classes for my weight loss surgery. My last class will be March 2nd, and then soon after that point I will meet with my actual surgeon and get my surgery date! I have two options for weight loss surgery: Roux-en-y (RNY), or the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG).  I am more than likely going to lean toward the VSG because just the thought of rerouting my intestines kind of freaks me out a bit!  Regardless, no matter which surgery I receive I am determined to change my life forever.

I have found such a powerful online community for not only weight loss, but consisting of others who have had weight loss surgery that I just hope I can share my experience with the surgery, and my shift in lifestyle.

My boyfriend Cody, and I love to cook!  He is also doing Keto and we want to share our Keto recipes with the world!  We like to create fresh, ketogenic recipes that are above the standard “meat and bacon” lifestyle of Keto.  We cannot wait to share our recipes with you soon!